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John's Crankbait

Hand carved crankbaits

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Hand Carved Lures

  • Custom carved crankbaits and swimbaits
  • Hand painted and detailed
  • Balanced and tuned for great swimming action
  • Optionally packaged in case suitable for displaying or gift
  • You can actually fish with these too!
  • Guaranteed against defects in workmanship for a period of 60 days after delivery


The baits pictured in the Bait Gallery are all carved and detailed by hand.


They are made from expanded PVC material, which has the same density as the wood and is more consistent in mass. PVC does not absorb water therefore eliminating the chance of water getting in and causing swelling and cracking of the finish.


The baits are all balanced and tested for lifelike swimming action.


I use stainless steel wire for the line tie and hook hangers and stainless steel hinges for the body segments. These are all interlocked and glued into the body using epoxy to insuring that they are not going to pull out.


The fins are constructed from a microfiber that is epoxied into the bait not just glued on! The fibers are very pliable and offer low water resistance during the retrieve, unlike plastic or rubber fins that can tear these are very durable.


The floater/diving lures dive to approximately 5’ depending on line diameter and retrieve speed. The sinkers are made to slowly sink and have a horizontal swimming action on the retrieve.


The lipless floaters are a surface swimmer with just the back out of the water. The addition of a small lip will allow them to dive slightly just beneath the surface.


These baits are made one at a time and hand painted and then clear coated with a durable hard finish . No two are exactly alike but I can make another that is very similar to the ones you see in the Bait Gallery.


I do not carry any inventory as the lures are made to order.